Creating a 1,000 seat worship center with an attached “baby wing” (0-2 years), and almost 450 stall parking lot to service our growing body.


Next to our current building on our 19 acre campus.


Construction began July 1, 2013 and is to be completed early winter, 2014.


To solve present crowding.

At our optimum hour, we are routinely crowded and sending people away. Our growth has been balanced on the back of a handful of staff and volunteers to serve multiple services each weekend. Special events on Christmas and Easter require us either to move our church or to multiply services to numbers difficult to support.

To expand future capacity.

Our church has grown from about 900 to almost 2,600 in the last decade. We have witnessed over 1,000 professions of faith and almost that many baptisms. As beautiful as Shasta County is, we have high rates of unemployment, divorce, drug use, domestic violence and all the societal manifestations of a people desperately in need of the gospel. A new facility will allow us to more than double our capacity to touch lives with the gospel. This will give us an even greater platform for our worldwide mission of helping people find and follow God.

To follow God’s leading.

Our Governing Board has remained committed to building ever since the Lord so clearly laid it on our hearts before the current recession. The building program has evolved over the years, adapting to dramatic changes in our national and local economies. Over that time the Lord has blessed by giving us solid financial help. More modest building designs than originally proposed (2007) have been necessary in keeping with current economic realities. Even so, we’re reaching forth in faith, trusting God to supply our needs, and to stretch our risk muscles in him.

How much?

The budget for the New Building is $5.7 million.
Cash on hand is $1.32 million (as of July, 2013).
Construction financing of the balance has been secured through Redding Bank of Commerce.
We anticipate a mortgage of about $4.1 million.


Studies show that when 80% of seats/parking are filled, attendance begins to plateau and decline. We have continued to grow by multiplying services. We are currently at a saturation point with our staff and volunteer teams.

Over 2 years ago, we began pretending we had a partial mortgage. We tightened our belts and began setting aside about 50% of our projected mortgage each month. We now have almost 1 year’s mortgage payments in the bank. Without any growth in our current congregation, our current giving already covers 100% of our projected monthly mortgage. Our leadership teams feel this is a healthy balance between faith and feasibility.

The banks we interviewed felt us to be excellent candidates for our construction loan, and consider us qualified for more than we’re asking for. Over all, they were impressed by our excellent financial health, especially given the overall economy. Our finance team, led by Brenda Aman on staff has done an amazing job in leading us to a remarkably healthy financial position.

We’ve also entered a long term parking agreement with Lassen View School next door to use their parking during our worship services.


We are committed to occupying our new worship center with as little debt as possible.

We are committed to the spiritual and financial health of the people of Neighborhood. This includes a generous lifestyle that faithfully supports the work of the church.

We are committed to inviting our people to faith-stretching giving, above and beyond their regular tithes, for the expansion of our facilities for such a time as this.

We are extremely grateful for all who have given toward this project. Thank you. The fruit of your generosity will echo through heaven for eternity. You have made it possible for us to help people find and follow God in bigger and better ways than ever before. If you have not been involved in giving toward our building project, you are invited to come on board. Please join us in praying that more and more we can hear and say the words, “Welcome to God’s family.”

Get Involved

You can pray.
You can serve.
You can give.

To give securely online, visit our SecureGive page.
Here you can login to your account using your phone number and password. If you do not have an account with our SecureGive page, you can create an account. Once you have logged into your account, you can choose One Time Donation or Recurring Donation. Once you have selected a donation option, you will need to specify the amount you are giving in the field labeled “Neighborhood Expansion”. In the final step you can enter your payment info.

If you need any further assistance with this, please contact us at:

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Watch for ongoing updates in our church bulletin.
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For more information about Neighborhood Expansion please email expansion@neighborhood.cc.


Bill Giovannetti (chair)
Charlie Kennedy
Gordon Flinn
Brad Williams
Glenn Schaefer
Steve Tucker
Mike Dormer
Todd Skinner
Grif Tonkin
Dave Meurer

Gordon Flinn (chair)
Brenda Aman
Tim McBrayer

Brad Williams (chair)
Ed Wood
Todd Skinner
Brenda Aman
George Estrada
Jim Gibson
Tim Freeman
Mike Dormer